Be stormproof.

Our SOCIAL MEDIA SIMULATOR enables to practice community management and crisis communication on social media in real-time. In case of a social media firestorm, fast reactions and rhetorical skills are essential for mastering the situation. Experience the increasing pressure while you are trying to handle the buzz!

Crisis training with the SOCIAL MEDIA SIMULATOR


(Im-)prove your social media-skills

Our SOCIAL MEDIA SIMULATOR simulates a web-community and the participants take roles of users or fanpage-administrators. The user interfaces and functions are similar to facebook or twitter:

  • Postings (text, links, pictures, videos, emoticons)

  • Likes, comments, shares and #hashtags

  • @Mentions and personal messaging (pm)

  • Fully responsive (also usable on mobile devices)

Grafik einer Social Media Simulation

Risk-free practice

The SOCIAL MEDIA SIMULATOR is able to imitate prevalent social networks lifelike and in real-time. The expectable experiences from a training are close to reality.

  • Familiar environment and intuitive user interface

  • Dynamic profile-timelines for all participants

  • Interactions (comment, like, share, etc.) as usual

  • Own posts und comments can be edited or deleted

Grafik einer Social Media Simulation

You define the scenarios

Simulated stakeholders and journalists can extend the social media simulation. This allows to manage different interest groups at the same time (optionally simulated by our professionals).

  • All community-updates on the dashboard

  • Posts can be published directly on the dashboard

  • Optional stakeholders boost the difficulty

  • Contributions simulate media-articles

  • #Hashtags structure discussions and updates


Grafik mit einem Gehirn
1. Scenario Development

Together with our customers, we design individual crisis scenarios based on an audit.

Grafik mit einem Gehirn
2. Digital Content Creation

We develop specific content for each scenario – no matter if text, picture or video.

Grafik mit einem Gehirn
3. Moderation & Coaching

The social media simulation is leaded and moderated by our experts.

Grafik mit einem Gehirn
4. Analysis & evaluation

After each simulation we examine the processes with the participants to define key-learnings.

Choose the setup

Interaktionsmöglichkeiten gängiger sozialer Netzwerke

Social media simulation in teams

Experiencing community management from different perspectives

The participants of the social media simulation form two teams: attackers and defenders (fanpage-administrators). Each scenario takes between 15 and 20 minutes plus time for analysis. We recommend different team-divisions for each simulation.

A session in the SOCIAL MEDIA SIMULATOR contains between 2 and 4 simulations, depending on length and complexity of each scenario. After each simulation, the process of crisis management will be evaluated.

Interaktionsmöglichkeiten gängiger sozialer Netzwerke

Social media simulation in crisis trainings

Holistic crisis management under realistic conditions

In this setup the social media simulation complements general crisis trainings. It creates a lifelike media landscape, which has to be considered in crisis management and crisis communication. A team of attackers (alternatively our advisors) simulates a community by asking questions, discussing the themes and passing criticism.

The aim of the participants is an effective social media crisis communication. Because other necessary operations of crisis management must not be neglected, the training teaches to master crises multidimensional.

Better safe than sorry.